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Third grade teachers Karen Geddis, Lisa Bukowsky and Elisa Borja pictured in from of the school rainbow !

Westfield EA Pride steps up for first responders

Despite long hours teaching remotely and working from a distance, the proud members of the Westfield Education Association have made it one of their priorities to make sure their healthcare and essential workers know how much they are appreciated during these difficult times. Using PRIDE grant funds, the local association has set out on several different projects.

One activity involved having a conversation and a partnership with the Superintendent of Westfield Schools, as this was an important ask. With Dr. Dolan’s cooperation, all ten Westfield school nurses donated 10,000 pairs of latex and non-latex medical grade gloves to Overlook Hospital in Summit. This generous donation was well received by the medical staff at Overlook.

Jamie LaRosa and family with signs for the drive by.

Another activity had the members of the Westfield Education Association marching in the streets, waving to their students in a parade to boost morale and increase school and community spirit.

On March 24, the WEA sent 35 pizzas to the Westfield first responders fire and police, a gesture that not only showed hardworking healthcare workers the members’ gratitude but also kept local money local by supporting a business in town. On April 24, sandwiches were sent from local delis to the first responders, and were met with much gratitude.  With additional PRIDE grant funds that could not be used as originally intended, the association donated to the school community organization WHS Helping Hands and the Westfield United Fund to distribute to the Westfield food pantry. 

“I am so proud to represent such hard-working and generous members,” said Gail Alston, president of the Westfield Education Association. “No matter how tough things get, I know I can always count on WEA members being the first to help within the community, to share what they have, and to embrace, encourage, and empower everyone around us. We can get through anything together.”

Bukowsky family getting ready for the drive by.