Ms. Angel Boose
Benjamin Banneker Academy

"Thank you for giving my granddaughter guidance and teaching her to stand up for herself!"

~Cynthia A. Staton

Joanna Ebert
Benjamin Franklin Middle School

"Thank you for finding ways to keep the students engaged during the school campus closures. Ms. Ebert teaches live lessons just like she is in her real classroom. The students are able to question and discuss in real time. She makes the social studies lessons so interesting that I enjoy sitting on the sidelines and listening too. The class also plays games and they have time to just talk. She maintains high expectations but they don't seem unreasonable. Thank you, Ms. Ebert! "

~Adiylah Washington

Mrs. Pohlman
Lincoln Park Elementary School

"Thank you for being such an amazing teacher! She is beyond a teacher. She cares for every student like her own. Her lessons are flawlessly planned and she has made it so easy to teach at home. Thank you, Mrs. Pohlman for everything you do! "

~Lauren Cook

Brittany Closter
Central Regional Middle School

"She loves her students and has worked so hard during this shut down. Thank you!"

~Elaine Romanosky

Chrissy Palomo
Edison Early Learning Center

"Thank you for teaching my kid and working hard in these crucial times to make the lives of both parents and kids a lot easier. Thank you so much, Mrs Chrissy. You are incredible. "

~Ambikai Ranganathan


Abby Wilkins
Upper Pittsgrove

"Thank you for teaching with patience, kindness and generosity. You are missed and appreciated!"

~Sharon Horne

Mrs. Kristine Donahue, Mrs. Amy McGroarty
Upper Pittsgrove

" Thank you for all you do for us, and for making all the online meetings fun. We love McGT class! We are so grateful for all your hard work! "

~Sharon Horne

Spencer Lau
Woodruff Middle School

"I would like to thank Mr. Lau for being an amazing, supportive, and inspirational educator. He goes above and beyond the normal standards of what is expected of a teacher and leaves nothing but a positive everlasting impression for children to hold on to and remember. We are forever grateful for the opportunities he has brought to the school and feel he should be recognized for his outstanding leadership and ways of a true educator! "

~Eva Vittorini


Shannon Silvestri
Silver Run Elementary School

"I would like to thank Shannon Silvestri for working hard to celebrate our 5th graders for graduating elementary school! She is constantly working from the minute she wakes up to late at night! "

~Gabrielle Calabrese

Kathy Wetherington
Moore School

"Thank you, Ms. Wetherington for providing daily emails and messages to students and staff emphasizing mental and physical health, recipes for families to do together and words of inspiration and encouragement to all our students, staff and our families."

~Spencer Lau

Robyn Rotante
Washington School

"Thank you, Ms. Rotante for all you have done for my son this year in 3rd grade. Remote learning has been a challenge, but your encouragement and help has helped push him along. We wouldn't have made it through this without your support! Thank you for always being supportive this entire school year, you are the best! "

~Laurie Shaw

Mrs. Hydrusko
Bowne-Munro E.S.

"Thank you for being my son's first teacher. You taught him to read, write, add, subtract, and so much more. Being so young it's hard for the kids to understand what's going on and you have made sure to stay in touch with all of them and continue to educate them, while being a great mom to your own son. Jase can't wait to see you. It's not fair your time with each other has been cut short but please know you have a special place in all the children's hearts. Thanks for being their second Mom. "

~Alissa Babbel


Michael Adeniyi, Tarel Austin, Ms. Inez Castillo and Latisha West
Dr. E. Alma Flagg School

"I would like to thank all four of my paraprofessionals for always staying on top of their students-whether it's a phone call and/or text message to remind them of their assignments. Also, they're available for their students if they have any questions and/or concerns about their math, science, social studies and English language arts assignments. Our support staff is simply amazing! We're in this together! "

~Linda Kelly-Gamble

Michelle Clements
HARP Academy

"Me gustaría agradecer a a la Sra. Sanchez por ser una maestra que se preocupa por el aprendizaje de sus estudiantes pero sobre todo por su bienestar.  "

~Yelisa Gomez

Cayetana Sanchez
Paterson P.S. #15

"Me gustaría agradecer a a la Sra. Sanchez por ser una de las mejores maestras y por preocuparse por sus estudiantes!"

~Yelisa Gomez

Jackeline Hudock
School #5

"Thanks you so much, day by day you always say "Together we can do it!" If before I admired you, now I admire you more!"

~Judith Manrique

Staff of RES, RMS and RHS

"I would like to thank the entire staff, administrators, nurses, maintenance, food service and custodians for all their hard work. The teachers have done an outstanding job with remote learning and connecting with students. What an amazing group of people that I work with. So proud to be a member of Riverside School District."

~Claudia West-Grady

Christine Musto
Roosevelt Elementary School

"I would like to thank Christine Musto for helping my baby girl in school and aspects of life. You are truly amazing. "

~Jamie Mirigliano

Phillipsburg Middle School

"I would like to thank Mrs. Dilts for always being there for me even when I was at my worst. Thank you for being like a second mom to me and thank you for believing in me when I didn't. "

~Mak Jaekel

Lori Foley
Van Holten Elementary

"Libby says thank you for everything! She misses you and we appreciate all you do! She loves when you do your read alouds and fun activities! "

~Shanna Greenstein

Jennifer Carr & Melissa Rutan

"This year my son hit the jackpot when he was able to have the same dynamic duo of teachers again! You simply can't nominate one without the other because they are a team! Mrs. Carr and Mrs. Rutan share a room, teach tandem lessons and compliment each other in more ways than one! They go above and beyond for their students while insuring they are learning in a fun atmosphere. Aside from their usual duties as classroom teachers, they can be found running a series of student clubs and functions. They juggle blood drives, the Junior Impact Club and the school store. Their ability to adapt and change is a lesson in itself!  When schools closed for covid-19 they jumped right into lessons with videos that educated but most importantly comforted their students with warm messages and positive accolades. Whether reading a story to the students with a babe in their lap or a positive message of feedback with a simple smiley face, they make a difference!  They even joined in a car parade around the neighborhood to encourage and show astounding school spirit! Thank you!"

~Shana Crinnian


Danielle Limoncelli
Rolling Hills Primary School

"She has come up with so many great lessons during remote learning. Everything is thought out very well. She makes a point to use her voice in many lessons. Feels like he had a teacher in the room."

~Stacy Waskiewicz

Christa Timpano
J Mason Tomlin Elementary

"So proud of you! You are so amazing at what you do! You touch the hearts of so many children! #proudmom "

~Maria Ruppert

Rachael Poinsett
Stratford Elementary

"So proud of you! You are so amazing at what you do! You touch the hearts of so many children! #proudmom "

~Maria Ruppert

dear teachers

Christine Durante
Riverton Elementary School

"Ms. Durante goes above and beyond to make her students feel connected during these unsettling times. From her daily morning Zoom meetings to sharing pictures and videos, she supports all of her students each and every day. Even though my son misses being at school, she's doing an awesome job bringing the school to him! "

~Jenn Alvarado


Jessica Parsons
Ridgeway Elementary School

"Jessica is a special education teacher who has been working tirelessly making individual learning plans for each of her students. Some weeks that means she is recording herself making up to 50 prerecorded videos to make sure her students are receiving individualized instruction like they would if they were still in her classroom."

~Crystal Policastro

Helen Park
Charles Dewolf Middle School

"I would like to thank Helen for working so diligently during this pandemic to provide the best possible educational environment for her students. She has maintained a positive atmosphere for her students while providing the best home environment for her own children, husband and parents during this unprecedented event. Stay Strong! "

~Gilbert Donovan

Hooper Elementary School

"All the paraprofessionals in the district have been working very hard with the students during virtual education."

~Samantha Siciliano


Mr. Aleman
Grace Wilday Jr. High School

"I would like to thank Mr. Aleman for being the epitome of an educator. He has made such an impact in the life of not just my child but every student that has entered into his classroom. He is dedicated and invested in the education, development and success of each and every one of his students. It's become even more evident throughout the current conditions and uncharted territory with virtual learning. He is in constant contact with his students with communications that are clear, concise and consistent. He has availed himself to assist them through all of this. Words can't express the level of appreciation and respect that I have for him.

~Yolanda Price

Barbara Doyle
Whiting Elementary School

"Thank you Miss. Doyle for going above and beyond to teach, lead, love and care for our son. Nathan absolutely adores you and we are beyond blessed to have you in our lives!"

~Mary and Tom Favocci


Mrs. Prudence Price
School 20 Passaic Gifted & Talented Academy

"Mrs. Price works tirelessly to ensure that her students have a variety of resources at their disposal even before this crisis. She is caring and concerned for each student and their families. She is an example of a phenomenal teacher."

~Nikki Baker

Mrs. Paturzo
Manchester Township High School

"Thank you, Mrs. P., for always staying so positive and having a smile on your face. You push me to do my best on and off the court, and I appreciate your guidance! Thank you for making such a big impact on my life and teaching me a lot about myself as a player and as a person."

~Maya Bachonski

Quote You're awesome. Fashionable calligraphy. Vector illustration on white background. Motivation and inspiration. Elements for design.

Mrs. Struble
Manchester Township High School

"Thank you, Mrs. Struble for being so helpful and going above and beyond to make sure I'm grasping all the new topics you are teaching. "

~Maya B.


Jennifer Olaya
Florence L Walther Elementary

"Mrs. Olaya is a calm, strong educator, making the best of virtual learning for her class of kindergartners. She is in constant communication with us. She has a family of her own to care for but she still makes so much time for her students. We love seeing her smiling face online while she reads stories, runs morning meeting, or teaches us (parents included!) a new math lesson. We appreciate her effort each and every day! "

~Christine Sgammato

Maria Brucato-Wilson
Manchester Regional Day School

"Mrs. Wilson has stepped far outside of her comfort zone to reach the hearts of her preschoolers every day. Teaching a preschool disabled group of students remotely can be challenging, but Mrs. Wilson is doing a fantastic job with it. She must spend hours finding fun, but meaningful activities for her students to do at home. She records videos, including her support staff, to help bring a piece of their classroom into our homes. She is so appreciated, and we miss her very much! "

~Robyn Palmer

Mrs. Prusecki
Manchester Middle School

"Thank you for helping us with our work, and making it easier for us to do. Also, thank you for being a wonderful teacher and making ELA very fun. I enjoy all of our work because it is always easy and you help us understand it. "

~Kaitlyn di Dia

All educators
Manchester Twp. School District

"I would like to thank all Manchester Twp. School District staff. You are all the best, whether in school or working from home. Thanks for all you do."

~Pat Accatatta

Lauren Tiberio
Bradley Gardens Elementary

"Mrs. Tiberio is a wonderful, kind, caring and compassionate teacher. She makes her lesson planning seem effortless all while raising 3 kids of her own. She does a fantastic job composing everything on Google Meets so that it's easy for my son and myself to understand. She goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is doing ok and not having trouble. She is just wonderful! "

~Cynthia Thompson

Mrs. Sayell
Winslow township school #6

"I would like to thank Mrs. Sayell  for the great way she teaches her class. That is why she is a great teacher. "

~Sierra Street

Stacey Palant
Princeton High School

"You are an amazing asset to my class. You jump in with great ideas that only enrich everyone's learning. We are so lucky to have you! "

~Renee Szporn

Ms. Cheryl Sunshine
Bridgewater Raritan middle school

"Thank you for being such a wonderful and caring teacher. Even in these difficult times I really appreciate how she has put together all the school work for her students. And considering all her students are special needs with different requirements it is just amazing. She also understands the difficulties the parents are facing and communicates constantly to help them out. Truly blessed to have her as my son's teacher! "

~Kshitija Yalgi

Maria Faust
Bowne-Munro Elementary School

"The Best Teacher in all of the Land!" (Everyday she tells the kids that they are the best class in all of the land). I sent her this email recently and it embodies everything our family feels for her and all the teachers everywhere:
Thank you for all of your dedication, in the classroom and from a distance. You inspire us to read to our children, to find more resources, to think about the words we choose and most importantly, to be present as parents. My son talks about you so frequently, that we often times feel like you are a family member. We chuckle at his adorable "Oh Mrs. Faust!" comments that he makes and talk about what you would think of a particular moment. You have brought happiness to his kindergarten year, so much so, that it has become our whole family's kindergarten year too. You will never know the true joy that happens in each child's home as a result of you. The respect and love that a 6 year old has for you and knowing that Edward will always remember his Kindergarten teacher's name, because she was, simply the best. In difficult times like this where your craft requires so very much of you, we want you to feel our outpouring appreciation. You are amazing. Thank you everything you do."

~Jessica Todd


Crystal Catlett
Eleanor Rush Elementary School

"I would like to thank Crystal Catlett for being an incredible teacher to both my children. She does nightly read-alouds to her students and I just love to see the respect and rapport she exudes so naturally. She is such a talented and dedicated professional."

~Jessica DeBarberie

Robin McBride
Dr. E. Alma Flagg School

"Every morning Ms. McBride wakes up and posts messages of hope and hints about staying safe during this stay in place time. In addition she makes personal wellness calls to staff, students and families. She is a careful listener who can soothe any panic or apprehension. For any family experiencing sickness or symptoms she has many resources to help them make it through a difficult time. Before she hangs up she offers a practical tip such as airing your house out 15 to 20 minutes daily and continuing to wash your hands frequently. Her laughter is the gentle backdrop as you describe the urge to go outside and she agrees right before you hear her say keep yourself in the house! "

~Joyce McCree

Ms. Williams and Ms. Cannon
South Amboy Elementary School

" We would like to thank all of the teachers from the South Amboy Elementary School, especially Ms. Williams and Ms. Cannon. We thank them for working beyond office hours to make sure everything works, and that parents and students can access all of the required materials and websites. For promptly answering questions and for providing kids with best quality of education during this difficult time. For sending encouraging messages and cards, to let the kids know that their teacher cares and misses them. Thank you for everything you do."

~Aneta Kosinski

Kari Collins
Manchester township elementary school

"Mrs. Collins has been amazing during these last 5 weeks. It is clear that she is going above and beyond to keep her students engaged while learning at home. My daughter loves seeing her classmates and teacher on Flipgrid videos. We are just so appreciative yet not the least bit surprised at how much time and effort is being put into these lessons. We appreciate the emails and phone calls. Mrs. Collins cares about her students and it shows. "

~Kimberly Peck

Melissa Peck
Manchester township elementary school

"Mrs. Peck is clearly going above and beyond planning lessons that are engaging and educational.  As we find ourselves in week 5, my child is still learning and enjoying all of the different activities Mrs. Peck is providing. We especially love the chance to share on Flipgrid while getting to see classmates and hearing what they are doing during this time. The parent teacher contact has also been incredible.  We have received emails, videos and direct messages through Class Dojo. We are so grateful for Mrs Peck and the amount of time and effort she is giving to her students, while taking care of her own family as well. We are so lucky and appreciate her so much. "

~Kimberly Peck

Mrs Grubb
Winslow twp School #1

"I would like to thank Mrs. Grubb for the many words of encouragement to your students and doing Zoom meetings so that you can see your students. I know how hard it is not be able to see your students and hug them ever day!"

~Matthew Street

Heather Bethancourt
Richard Butler School

"Mrs. Bethancourt has been integral in keeping our ELLs connected during this time of distance learning. She has been translating and reaching out to families to ensure they have the necessary supplies to stay connected and show success (food, internet, technology). She has also led professional development for teachers through Zoom to help content area teachers understand the additional support our ELLs need to be successful during this time. She continues to have relationships, grace, patience, and love guide her in advocating for her students. "

~Carla Perez


Mrs. Bergeski
Roselle Park Middle School

"Thank you for keeping on top of everything and going above and beyond to make sure everyone has access to what they need to stay on the right path. You are an amazing teacher! "

~Michelle Spano

Jessica Rozewski
Aldene Elementary

"I would like to thank Jessica Rozewski for putting 100% into everything you do! Thank you for all of your Zoom meetings to keep the kids smiling, laughing and making the most of their time at home. "

~Michelle Spano

Mrs. Robyn Palmer
Ridgeway Elementary

"Mrs. Palmer has gone above & beyond for her students. She provides them daily learning but also emotional support. She tends to everyone's needs from a far with expertise and compassion. Mrs. Palmer has even had her 3rd graders document history for their future. She has truly taught her student life skills through this unprecedented time and taught them the true meaning of turning lemons into lemonade. I can't THANK her enough for her all she has done and continues to do. Her love for her students and teaching clearly shines through all this uncertainty! "

~Helen Pagliaro

Glenis Dupree

"I would like to thank Glenis Dupree for being the best cooperative teacher, full of patience and lessons to teach to not only her students but also her colleagues."

~Daniela Ceballos

Rebecca Nordstrom
Conackamack Middle School

"We would like to thank our Miss Nordstrom for being a devoted, talented and caring teacher. We have watched you take on your first year of teaching like a champ. No one would have expected this for your first year and you rose to the challenge! We are so proud of you! Keep up the hard work. "

~Jennifer Nordstrom

Rich Tuero
Lyndhurst High School

"Not only has he created the best way to address Tyler's PE needs because he has autism but he's sent videos trying to encourage him to relax and gave him drive bys to cheer him up. He also offered to shop for us and made sure Tyler was ok in every way. He even created a social distancing State Champion ring ceremony to cheer the boys up. He really cares about each kid and has made a huge difference in Tyler's life! We can't express in words how grateful we are that Tyler has him as a mentor. This teacher truly goes above and beyond. "

~Deborah Wertalik


Laura Varcadipane
Waldwick Middle School

"I would like to thank Laura Varcadipane for being an excellent teacher throughout our first four weeks of this home teaching process. Any time I email her she immediately gets back to me and solves any issues my son may be having. She has also fully explained in detail to me so I can explain and teach my son. She has been amazing throughout this experience and goes above and beyond. Fantastic teacher before and during this time. "

~Michele Longo-Sabiel

Mr. Disanti

"Mr.Disanti, thank you for each email you send me, thank you for all the help you've given my Great grandson, Benjamin. Continue to stay safe."

~Ruth Oliver

Tamara Beatty
Cinnaminson High School

"I would like to thank Tamara Beatty for always supporting my daughter. My daughter is always in good hands since having Ms. Beatty. Ms. Beatty goes well above and beyond to make sure that other teachers are following my daughter's IEP. She makes sure that my daughter is on top of her schoolwork and helps her in any way humanly possible. Words cannot thank her enough for all that she does for our daughter. "

~Lisa Hybiske

Ms. Angel Boose
Benjamin Bannekar

"I would like to thank Julie Moore for helping my granddaughter achieve the level of knowledge and confidence she has! Thank you, Ms. Boose! "

~Cynthia A Staton

Julie Moore

"I would like to thank Julie Moore for continuing to care so deeply about her class, not just as students, but as individual little people. Thanks also for allowing me (just a volunteer) to feel like a part of her classroom, even during the school closure. Ms. Moore always gives 200% to her students, and I know she's missing them as much as they are missing her!"

~Denise Sellers

Nil Sendul
Clifton High School

"I would like to thank Nil Sendul for always helping me to learn new things, for always being there with me, for making our collage, and for continuing to do a phenomenal job while on lock down. It's an absolute pleasure to have someone kind, caring, knowledgeable, and someone I can call a coworker and friend. Thank you so much. Until we work next to each other again! "

~Jane Colca

Ms. Edwards
Daniel F. Ryan school 19

"I would like to thank Ms. Edwards for being very thoughtful and teaching math really well for students to understand. She's a really nice, fun, and a great person. I'm grateful to have her as my math teacher. "

~Guadalupe Ramirez

Dennis Weaver
Clearview Regional High School

"I would like to thank Dennis Weaver for going the extra mile to keep both our spirits and our bodies in shape in this most extraordinary time."

~Susan Barry

Arlen Kimmelman
Clearview Regional High School

"I would like to thank Arlen Kimmelman for supporting the remote learning capabilities of our district staff during this unprecedented crisis."

~Susan Barry

Jessica Datz
Clearview Regional School District

"I would like to thank Corey Romeyn for being there to ensure the well-being of our students and staff, no matter where they are or what is going on."

~Susan Barry

Corey Romeyn
Clearview Regional High School

"I would like to thank Corey Romeyn for making his students feel supported and valued while adjusting his teaching to suit the needs of his students."

~Susan Barry

Jennifer Monnecka
Hillside High School

"Jennifer has gone above and beyond for her ESL students during this time of remote learning and is working twice as hard to make sure they are capable of understanding when English isn't their first language. Kudos to Jennifer, not only a great teacher but my friend.❤"

~Carriann DeSanto

Mrs. Robyn Palmer
Ridgeway Elementary School

"Mrs. Palmer has gone above and beyond for her students during this crazy time. She is creating engaging lessons, documenting history for them, keeping their spirits up and even providing extras to them. She has even been dropping off books to students to make sure they all have books to read. She is setting such an example for them on how to look fear in the face, grab it by the horns and truly turn lemons into lemonade. A life lesson far more valuable than anything in a textbook."

~Anna Pagliaro


Mrs. Christine Zrowka
Woodrow Wilson

"Live reading one-on-one with Mrs. Zrowka is the highlight of my son's week. She challenges him enough to make him want to come back for more and he wants to impress her with his work."

~Nancy Nordling


Kelly Perruso
Clifton Public Schools

"Thank you for making sure Maxwell is at ease and still learning during this stressful time! Thank you for always looking out for him! The notes you sent to our house for him and Noah brightened the entire week! Thanks for everything!"

~Maxwell/ PattiAnn Cadet

Violetta Pietronico
Sayreville HS

"Your thorough explanation during home instruction videos and your upbeat music makes all the difference for Faith. Thank you!"

~Jennifer Herrick

Nichole Kerney
Sayreville HS

"Thank you so much for helping Faith throughout the school shut down. Your daily tutorials and one on one help with her do not go unnoticed. "

~Jennifer Herrick

Rebecca Nordstrom
Conackamack Middle School

"I would like to thank Rebecca Nordstrom for her inspiring messages daily and her commitment to her students!! ❤️"

~Rose Acerra


Jennifer Janowski
Livingston Elementary

"I would like to thank Jennifer Janowski for making a difference in the minds of the little ones. Even during this time you still have touched the hearts of our students and made each one of them feel special. I am honored to work with you every day."

~LynKristine Cornacchia


Brad Skull
Woodland Middle School

"We would like to thank Mr. Skull for going above and beyond with his daily videos and pictures. My daughters (Brooke and MacKenzie) and I look forward to seeing his posts every day. It's nice to start the day off with a laugh and smile. All the teachers at Woodland school are doing an excellent job. Thank you!"

~Lauren Bankes

Kim Miller
Hamilton Primary

"I'd like to say thank you for coming to talk to my kindergartner in our driveway (from 6 feet away!) because he was feeling so sad and missing you and school so much. It helps to know that you're still there for him and it really changed his whole mood that day."

~Amy Buckelew

Ms. Kristen McDonald
CW Lewis Middle School

"Mrs. McDonald has been a extraordinary educator for my son. She shows interest in him as a person and is doing an amazing job in this new virtual environment. Thank you, Mrs. McDonald!"

~Nicole Arbelaez


Julia Pederson
Riverside Elementary School

"I'd like to thank Julia Pederson for going above and beyond her call of duty. Also, being an amazing teacher in the regular classroom and zoom classroom!"

~Isabel Howell

Dawn Martin
New Albany School

"I'd like to thank Dawn Martin for making all of the challenges of online remote learning easy. Your lessons for my daughter are clear and easy to follow. Thank you for immediate feedback and weekly Meet Up. She truly misses you."

~Yogita Fratto


Jennifer Mansueto
Seaview Elementary School

"Thank you, Mrs. Mansueto for going above and beyond to make sure all the kids still feel connected and for showing them all that you care about them and miss them so much! Christopher misses you so much and he loves watching the videos you post each day where you teach them a new lesson. You have made this transition an easy one and we couldn't be more appreciative of everything you do!!! Thank you!!"

~Mandy DeGirolamo

Allisandra Lamhing
Jefferson Elementry School

"I'd like to thank Allisandra Lamhing for being so very dedicated and caring and really goes the extra mile to help the kids enjoy while learning!"

~Christina Schipani

Mrs Mollett
Woodland Middle School

"I think everyone is doing a great or awesome job but I wanted to reach out to you and thank you the most for being who you are and doing what you do best. Happy Birthday. The McCauley family loves you." 💚

~Holly Mccauley


Ms. Shannon Yeager
Maurice Hawk Elementary School

"Thank you, Ms. Yeager for all the efforts to design the virtual learning activities for the students. Also, you ensure that kids are motivated with read aloud sessions, morning messages and leaving comments on their work online."

~Sufala Taralkar

Rebecca Nordstrom

"I'd like to thank Rebecca for making us proud. Our daughter is a first year teacher facing unexpected challenges this year and handling it like a champ!!"

~Jennifer Nordstrom

Christian Whipple
Mary E. Volz

"I would like to thank Christian Whipple for taking the time to map his run throughout our town to say hello to his students/athletes. Mr Whipple's marathon was cancelled so he decided to RUN through RUNnemede! So many students woke up early to see him! Thank you for showing our students your dedication!"

~Nermine Prusecki


Nicholas Murray Butler # 23

"Special Thanks to the teachers working so hard during this pandemic shutdown. All of the teachers are working long hours to make sure that students have what they need, are safe, and calm. These are tough times for everyone! These teachers are going above and beyond - they really are heroes!!"

~Raymonnd John Muller

Mrs. Bachonski and Mrs. Palmer
Ridgeway Elementary School

"My second grade son could not have been more excited when we were coming back home from our daily walk to discover that his school's book mobile with Mrs. Bachonski and Mrs Palmer at the helm was at our house delivering two books that seemed to be very specifically chosen for him. It made his day to see his teachers in person and once he saw the books he immediately disappeared into his room and read them both that same day. The best part is it sparked his interest in the entire series of books and I have since ordered a box set and he has already read them all and is starting over! They planted a seed of excitement about reading and has been an amazing thing to see. We are so thankful for what these teachers have done and that they are able to create excitement during this stressful time. Thank you for caring for our little ones!"

~Nermine Prusecki


Jason Vastano
Ridgeway Monmouth Beach

"So proud of all you do for your students!"

~Robyn Vastano

Robyn Palmer
Ridgeway Elementary School

"During this unprecedented pandemic, my son's teacher has gone above and beyond to help ensure that my son, Callen, is not only engaged but is also understanding the material being given. Math is not a particularly easy subject and she is always available to help guide and provide examples in different modalities to make sure he understands it and doesn't just get the right answer. I just wanted to make sure that during this pandemic she knows how much she is appreciated and how thankful we are that Callen has her as his teacher."

~Meredith and Bill Brooks


Carolanne Weinberger
Manchester Twp Elementary Schooll

"I would like to thank a colleague, Mrs. Weinberger! Not only has she been posting her own assignments for her 500+ students, she is also constantly emailing staff with great resources she sees, helping staff with their own technology issues and making Social Studies and Science units for each grade level that is teaching digitally for them to put on their Google classrooms to help alleviate some of our work load!! She does it all behind the scenes and really deserves to be recognized as she is doing WELL over the expectations! THANK YOU Mrs. Weinberger for always looking to see how you can help the teachers and children the most!"

~Melissa Peck

All maintenance, custodians, and building & grounds
Manchester high school

"I would like to thank them for working so hard in maintaining the cleanliness of the schools during this difficult time."

~Giuseppe Clarelli

Danielle Price

"I would like to thank Danielle Price for working so hard each day for her students. My daughter looks forward to her 1 to 1 time each morning. It sets the tone for her day. Mrs. Price goes above and beyond all day every day. She responds to my emails all day and stays so positive."

~Maura Golding O'Brien

Commander John Holzer
Manchester Twp HS

"I would like to thank Commander John Holzer for the wonderful letter he sent out to the NJROTC seniors today. I can't thank him enough for how much it meant to my daughter Sarah and to us. This is never how we ever imagined her senior year would be ending. She really needed to hear his heartfelt and encouraging words. Thank you so much Commander Holzer. Your caring dedication to your students is appreciated. Stay safe!"

~Pamela Donahue


Karen "Lynch" Kelliher
Ridgeway Elementary School

"Mrs. Kelliher welcomed me into her pre-school classroom with open arms as one of her needed paraprofessionals. She was still grieving the surprise loss of a popular and well loved para to stage 4 cancer. I felt I couldn't fill the previous para's shoes, especially being transferred from the higher grades. Yet, Karen was very reassuring to me. She is generous in listening to my classroom ideas. She has a mindful, happy disposition which creates a spirit of joyful independent learning for our pre-schoolers. I am impressed by how she works with our other paras also. I enjoy working with Karen Kelliher and our super star pre-school friends. Easy to see Karen is a loving teacher. It is a pleasure to be assisting students in her classroom. Thank you Mrs. Kelliher for your positivity."

~Gloria Tully

Tracy Kiernan
Whiting Elementary School

"I would like to sincerely thank Mrs. Kiernan for constantly going above and beyond to ensure that my son is given all the supports he needs to be successful during this transition to distance learning. She has been so helpful, realistic, positive, and a huge support system for him. Thank you Mrs. Kiernan!"

~Maria Wilson

Shannon Adiletta
Ridgeway Elementary

"Thank you Mrs. Adiletta for the amazing and outstanding work you've been doing. Thank you for helping Franky every chance you get to. We appreciate and miss you very much." ❤️

~Giselle Vega

Gina Foss / Crystal Policastro
Ridgeway Elementary

"Thank you for helping my girl and going above and beyond. We miss you terribly and want to congratulate you on the amazing work as teachers mothers and friends to us! We love you." ❤️

~Giselle Vega

Shannon King
Audrey W Clark

"Shannon King has been running a food pantry from her home pantry since our last day of school on 3/13/20.  Early on she anticipated hunger and began her crusade. She cleaned out her own pantry to create a dedicated space for her donations. Then she crowd sourced through Facebook. She offered to pick up donations curbside. She gave her address out to friends of friends so they could drop donations off to her. She also accepts venmo (@Shannon-King-153). She cooks hot meals. Because of her deeds she was approached by at least one chef who prepared hot meals for students from Shannon's pantry. She has driven to other cities to meet students who are displaced in order to drop food in their trunks in parking lots. I truly believe there is nothing more she could do. Please recognize her at the highest levels. "

~Daniel Brownridge


Nicole Mahoney
Richard Butler School

"Mrs. Mahoney has been purchasing and delivering books to her students' homes when they share that they have completed their independent reading books. She also helped to set up a community library in front of the school for students to swap out books. She has also sent notes to all of her students (via snail mail) to let them know she is thinking about them! Kudos to Mrs. Mahoney!"

~Carla Perez


Mrs. Andrea Lopes, Ms. Vanessa Perez, Mrs. Helen Michaud
Columbus Elementary School

"I would like to thank them for their dedication and hard work. They have been very available and helpful throughout these last weeks. Very thankful for my childrens' amazing teachers!!!"

~Kimberly Castor


Traci Lauri
Hillsborough Elementary School

"I would like to thank Traci Lauri for doing an outstanding job in keeping her students motivated and accountable for their learning. She encourages students who need an extra push and rewards hard work!"

~Irene Grinberg

Sarah Thornton

"I would like to thank Sarah Thornton for meeting with all of her students individually every day to provide them with supplemental reading so that they don't lose the gains they've made this year. She does all this while supporting her kindergarten learner with his assignments and taking care of her 4 year old toddler. She works morning til night, every day, trying to take care of everyone. She is a rock star!!"

~Patty Buttitta

Laina Penrose
Weston Elementary

"Every day we get a video and audio lesson along with some reading materials and fun learning games from Mrs. Penrose. It's a great break from worksheets and online assignments to practice blending drills and sounds. She's working with a group of students between 2 classes that needed additional support. Each day the students are encouraged to share photos on her page and lift each other up. My son decided to write a short poem to practice our rhyming and film it for her. It meant so much to her that she wrote a poem just for him. Not only did she send it to him she recorded herself reading it too. It made my son's whole day! He felt so special! Thank you Mrs. Penrose for all you've done and always have done for our students! We truly are lucky to have you."

~Kristie Gall


Jennifer Litkey
Liberty Corner School

"I would like to thank Jennifer Litkey for going above and beyond during this unprecedented time and providing an important semblance of normalcy for my daughter and her classmates. Her lessons have been appropriate for the kids and creative to have them enjoy their remote learning experience. Ms. Litkey has brought the kids together with video check-ins which have been so helpful in dealing with their social and emotional needs. Thank you Ms. Litkey!"

~Steve Beatty


Nancy Margarum
Hardyston Elementary

"I would like to thank Nancy Margarum for bringing a smile to my daughter's face every day with her awesome videos and wonderful messages. This time is hard for all and it's nice to have my daughter excited to still get up and see what's assigned for the day."

~Stacey Bello


Lauren Finch
Franklin School

"I would like to thank Lauren Finch for being the best teacher not only during this time of uncertainty in education but always. Ms. Finch goes above and beyond for her students, making learning fun and engaging. Ms. Finch makes every child feel special and unique in their own way. She is a one of a kind educator."

~Christine Rotondo


Aimee Blum
Newell Elementary School

"I would like to thank Aimee Blum for truly caring about my daughter, not just in her academic needs but also her social and emotional learning, especially during this scary and uncertain time. Even remotely I can tell she really does love my daughter!"

~Jenna Lee

Marcia Vaccarino
Village School

"I would like to thank Marcia for her hard work and dedication to teaching students in a fun creative way."

~Ann Vaccarino

Valerie Hirschfeld
Manalapan high school

"Val is the most dedicated, hard working, selfless, loving, strong, compassionate, person I have ever met. She always goes above and beyond for everyone. As a fellow educator and her mom, I and everyone who meets her is blessed beyond belief to have her in our lives!"

~Toni Hirschfeld


Lauren Halbing
Carl Sandburg Middle School

"Lauren is an educator who always goes above and beyond for her students. During this distance learning Lauren has been amazing with her students. Lauren has two little ones at home but is there for her students. She contacts them, sets up great work and is beyond ready for Phase 2 of our distance learning."

~Robyn Wolfe

Melissa Sakowski
Valley Road School

"We would like to thank Melissa Sakowski for the amazing job she is doing with remote learning! Our daughter looks forward to her lessons and activities every day. She has gone above and beyond for her students in this most unique time in the world. She is certainly a superstar in our eyes!"

~Joe & Donna Fleres

Melissa Halpern
New Providence HS

"This woman works tirelessly from home; grading papers, responding to emails, making phone calls, etc. Goes above and beyond every DAY. Doesn't miss a beat taking care of her family, either."

~Eric Halpern


Kaitlin Baiata
Lenna Conrow

"I would like to thank Kaitlin Baiata for loving and supporting my son for the past year and half. She teaches and loves each child with her whole heart. She has also become someone I call a friend."

~Alissa Berse

Pouya Aftab

"I'd like to thank you for your tireless effort and commitment to your students, the profession, and our family :)"

~Tyler Aftab

Mrs. Jen Golda
Woodrow Wilson Elementary

"Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to your kindergarten students! As my daughter's first teacher in public school, you have showed her and her classmates love, compassion, and dedication during this crazy time, while juggling your own family at home. You even still take time out of your day to do story time with your class so they can see and interact with their classmates and you! We can not tell you "thank you" enough for all that you are doing! Keep up the amazing job!"

~Jillian Wojtaszek


Marykate Casaletto
Cedar creek elementary school

"I would like to thank Marykate Casaletto for her knowledge, dedication & the true spirit of what it takes to educate the whole child."

~Pattie Bahrle

Yvonne Reitz
Yocum elementary

"I would like to thank Yvonne Reitz for going the extra mile during this crisis. School days start with her morning announcements at school and she makes calls now every day to the students and goes over what special day it is, the school pledge along with the pledge of allegiance. She also is in charge of the Facebook page where she posts picture of the children doing their work along with other great activities. Truly an amazing person and principal! She loves what she does and the kids and staff!"

~Jennifer O'Donnell

Jennifer Signoretti
Lakeside middle school

"I would like to thank Jennifer Signoretti for Reaching out via email to inform me that my daughter was missing work. Then she made constant follow ups to make sure she was doing well. She showed compassion and caring to both myself and my daughter."

~Tracy Mara


Kristen Weiss
Yocum Elementary

"I would like to thank Kristen Weiss for being an amazing teacher! She has constant communication with her students. We have a personal Facebook page that she does videos everyday to go over the work. She also has done a few zoom sessions and she has such patience for her kids asking such random questions. She answers any question I have promptly. I'm sad that my daughter is missing her 1st grade experience but happy we still have great communication with her teacher (and her dog Howie)."

~Jennifer O'Donnell


Isabella Bellini
Avon Elementary School

"As an educator myself, I have to give a huge shout out to Ms. Bellini! She has been amazing with her second grade class and giving myself and my daughter immediate responses, each day. She has gone above and beyond continuing to teach the students new materials and making time to meet the kids in small groups, virtually, and as a class, to play games. We really love her!"

~Courtney Decker

Hasbrouck Heights Middle School Teachers
Hasbrouck Height Junior High School

"Thanks for all your hard work and dedication through this difficult time of teaching. We are thankful for all of you!"

~Shannon Valenti

Mrs. Heather Murray
Tatem Elementary

"I would like to thank Mrs. Murray for providing customized academic support to all students, giving praise and encouraging feedback, remaining flexible, working with families, making parents and students feel appreciated and loved!"

~Elisabeth Yucis

Mrs. Marie Dezii
Tatem Elementary

"I would like to thank Mrs. Dezii for creating weekly assignment & lesson plans that are fun for all of us; providing lots of positive feedback on assignments; sending encouraging messages and videos daily; suggesting extra activities; helping students and families feel loved & appreciated!"

~Elisabeth Yucis

Deana Catania & Katie Lutz
Warren E. Sooy Jr. ElemenTary School

"I would like to thank Deana Catania & Katie Lutz for working so hard during this very uncertain time. Your patience and understanding with your students is so appreciated."

~Kristen Mull


Mrs. Cirulli
Tuckerton Elementary School

"We would like to thank Mrs. Cirulli for really staying connected with her students. She has hosted ZOOM calls, created a facebook page, as well as driven to visit each student at their home (using social distancing, of course). She is an all around fantastic person who truly loves our children. Thank you for all that you do Mrs. Cirulli. You are really appreciated."

~Joanne Sofield

Maria Downey
Ramsey High School

"I would like to thank Maria for showing unending compassion and care for her students, while working tirelessly to ensure that they stay engaged and immersed in their language studies."

~Jed Downey

Jennifer Guenther
Valley Road School

"Mrs. Guenther is going above and beyond to keep her students engaged in learning. She "meets" with them to check in and supports the needs of all of her learners. She does this all while taking care of her own young toddler!"

~Lindsey Klimuc


Jennifer Guenther
Valley Road School

"Helping me learn while being stuck at home. My favorite part is when we meet on Zoom and she teaches me like I am in school. She doesn't make me do a lot of work but I am still learning how to be a good writer and mathematician. I like when she shares pictures of her daughter too."

~Lucas Nemeth


Jenny Cook
Northern Hills Academy

"Being a wonderful leader for our school. She has implemented timely interventions, protecting our vulnerable population of special needs families. Because of her and our superintendent, Andrea Romano, closing our schools the moment we were able to, there were no transmissions of Covid-19 via the school. Jenny kept in touch with staff, stayed up late finding interesting professional development resources, and has been a support for staff every single day and every step of the way. She is a wonderful example of a leader."

~Lisa Christiansen

Mrs. Foss & Mrs. Policastro
Ridgeway Elementary School

"Mrs. Foss and Mrs. Policastro are AMAZING teachers who go above and beyond for their students! They have made this year so fun and engaging. Since we have been home they have called to speak to their students, posted videos to their students, and even drove around the neighborhood putting a surprise in all their mailboxes. Even though my son doesn't see them every day, he constantly quotes them and uses what they have taught him. For example he says, "We've got grit, we don't quit" and "The more we read, the better we get." I don't think he will ever have teachers with bigger hearts and a greater love for what they do."

~Kristine LaPorte


Jen Hayes
Wallace Intermediate School

"I would like to thank Jen Hayes for being so dedicated!"

~Jennifer Chinnici

Stephanie Burdel
Valley Road School

"Thanks sooooo much for helping me, and all of us in our VRS community, to figure out the computer for at home learning. Your expertise, and patience through it all, has been appreciated immensely!!"

~Lorraine Haney