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Rockaway Twp. EA committed to helping community

by Jennifer Wood, Rockaway Twp. EA member

The Rockaway Township Education Association wanted to thank our amazing EMS workers in Rockaway Township for everything they do for our community.

We reached out to the Assistant EMS Chief Brian McCormack, who was so appreciative of any help. He told us what supplies are used most regularly and would do the most good. From there, we contacted a local, family owned business, Rockaway Hardware for our supplies. We told the hardware store what we were doing and they were so ready to help. They were able to get us the most imperative supplies from the EMS’s list. They ordered us boxes of gloves, masks, bleach, cleaners, and spray bottles. They even threw in some items for free.

On Monday, May 18, we delivered the boxes of supplies to Brian at White Meadow Lake Fire Station in Rockaway Township. He was so thankful for the donations and we were more than happy to help! The RTEA remains committed to helping our community!