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New Brunswick EA members volunteer to distribute food to students

Please note: While the people in these photos were not practicing social distancing on the first day of the food distribution, NJEA strongly encourages everyone to engage in social distancing, along with other healthy practices to prevent COVID-19 transmission. Since the photos were taken, the district and staff have taken steps to practice social distancing.

Outside in the rain and cold, New Brunswick Education Association (NBEA) members worked side-by-side with administrators to distribute more than 6,000 lunches and 6,000 breakfasts to New Brunswick public school students.

Although schools are closed, New Brunswick Public Schools wanted to provide meals for the students who may be dealing with food insecurity. When the district called for volunteers, NBEA members didn’t hesitate. More than 170 members volunteered to distribute meals this week and more are  signed up for next week.

The district designated four locations throughout New Brunswick, which were all located in public  parks, so students and their families could safely pick up meals.


Meals were to be given out between 10 am-12 pm, but due to the high demand some distribution centers stayed open later. NBEA members stayed until the last meal was served, even though they were soaked to the bone due to the rain.

As NBEA President LeShaun Arrington said, “NBEA members’ commitment to our students and the community extends far beyond the schools. We are proud to work with administrators to ensure our students get what they need.”