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Bedtime Math launches hands-on math experiences to support grades 3-5 teachers during COVID-19

Fun Factor pairs engaging math activities with free teacher training

With widespread school closures driving remote learning during the pandemic, Bedtime Math is responding to teachers nationwide with the launch of Fun Factor, a suite of free online math experiences to support math learning at home. Starting Monday, April 27, it will feature engaging hands-on activities that use common household objects and align with math standards for grades 3-5, paired with quick online training for teachers.

“The most pressing issue in education right now is how to keep our millions of elementary school children engaged and learning,” said Laura Overdeck, founder of nonprofit Bedtime Math. “With the typical school day in total upheaval, we actually have a unique opportunity to introduce very tangible, personalized learning to kids in their homes. By adapting our long-running, research-proven math games for virtual use, we can inspire fatigued teachers, reignite student curiosity, and curb the ‘COVID-19 slide’ in math skills.”

Fun Factor will feature activities drawing on Bedtime Math’s popular Crazy 8s after-school club, which has been proven to reduce math anxiety for elementary school-age kids. Teachers of grades 3-5 can either run the activities with their students over video or email them the materials for self-directed learning. Games like the fraction bonanza Face-Off or the graph-plotting Pirate Treasure Hunt use everyday items along with images that can be either printed or drawn so any child can participate. Each activity generates a lasting board game or toy so students can continue the math fun and skill-building.

Free training webinars for teachers

Bedtime Math will lead training webinars twice a week to show teachers how Fun Factor taps common-sense, research-proven practices. Bedtime Math will demonstrate a new activity every Monday and Wednesday at 2 p.m. EDT on Zoom. Sessions will be geared for upper elementary teachers, but teachers of grades K-2 and 6-8 are welcome to join. For more information and to register, click here.

About Bedtime Math Foundation

Bedtime Math is a national nonprofit that ignites kids’ curiosity and learning by unleashing the fun in math. It offers playful online math problems for parents to do with their kids every day, as well as lively hands-on games. Research has shown that both offerings reduce kids’ math anxiety, increase their love of math, and lay the groundwork for greater math achievement. For more information, visit